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  1. Odessa Girls Signing with colleges
  2. National letter of Intent
  3. Diamond Devils Sign National Letter of Intent
  4. Zephyrs Gold/Blue Springs South Logan Spaw
  5. Zephyrs Gold Sarah Logsdon Signs With South Dakota State
  6. Thanks
  7. DeMarini Zephyrs Commit 2 this fall!!!
  8. KC Originals Gold Players (Schaberg) Sign NLI
  9. Naturals Gold 2011 Letters of Intent 2012 verbals
  10. Lauren Chirnside of MNS Naturals To South Dakota State
  11. Zephyr Gold Player Commitment
  12. Zephyrs Gold College Commitments
  13. Another Zephyrs Gold College commitment:
  14. Another Diamond Devil Commits to Play Collegiate Softball
  15. Odessa Phenom Signs with Crowder
  16. Sydney Reynolds of the Zephyrs Gold signs with Iowa
  17. Mac-n-Seitz Naturals make verbal commitments
  18. An Originals-Herrington player Verbals-Congrats!
  19. Laney Kneib Mac-n-Seitz Naturals Verbals to SLU
  20. Paige Mason Zephyrs Gold verbals to Wichita State
  21. Katie Pascuzzi Zephyrs Gold Verbals to Creighton
  22. McDonald of Mac-n-Seitz Naturals Gold verbals to Drury U.
  23. Madeline Brungardt - Zephyrs Gold-Verbal to St Louis University
  24. Congrats to all KC area players signing their NLI this week!
  25. College signings!
  26. Congrats-Mac N Seitz College Signees!!
  27. College Signing
  28. Alise Murray KC Xtreme Gold commits to Colorado Christian University
  29. Brittany Gustin KC Xtreme Gold Commits to Bulter County Commmunity College
  30. Anna Varriano KC Xtreme Gold verbals to the University of Northern Iowa D1
  31. Lauren Hamilton to sign with South Dakota State
  32. Signing
  33. Lyric Hupp to sign NLI with Arkansas State University
  34. Mallory Land Commit
  35. Baylee Douglass Commit
  36. KC Peppers 16A Commitments
  37. Topeka Heat Commitments
  38. Alliance fastpitch committments
  39. Verbal Commitment
  40. DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commitment
  41. KC Metro Players - To which college are they headed? (Class of 2013)
  42. Where it all began!
  43. Jessica Heese- DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commitment
  44. Lesly Cox and Tisha Thomas of Topeka Heat
  45. Sami jo zirkle==alliance
  46. Justice Milz- DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commitment
  47. Originals-Koop Commitments
  48. Courtney Land- DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commitment
  49. Morgan brooks/alliance
  50. KC Metro Players - To which college are they headed? (Class of 2014)
  51. Brittany Nimmo- DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commitment
  52. Jaden Bray - SLIDERZ
  53. Brooke Rozier- DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commitment
  54. Natalie Dummitt- Originals-Koop Verbals
  55. Congrats to Tisha Thomas
  56. Congrats to Kaylee Erickson
  57. Congrats to Alexis Mc Clease
  58. Originals-Koop Darian Frost Commits
  59. Originals- Koop Katie Giacone Commits
  60. Kaylee Tucker of Team Worth Gold commits
  61. Christian Novak- DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commitment
  62. Alyssa Bates- DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commitment
  63. Bailey Baird Originals-Koop Commits
  64. Alexis Parker Originals-Koop Commits
  65. Emily Robinson Originals-Koop Commits
  66. Kyana KiKi Mason - Originals Koop commits
  67. Kayleigh Behymer- KC Monarchs commits
  68. Sam Dellinger- KC Monarchs commits
  69. Jessica Heese- SIU
  70. Regan Nash- KC Monarchs commits to Mizzou
  71. Mackenzie Ellis- DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commitment
  72. KC Metro Players - To which college are they headed? (2015 and younger)
  73. Lexie Hanson- KC Monarchs commits to South Dakota State
  74. Lexey Kneib- DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commit
  75. Overton signs with John Wood
  76. Abby Summers- Originals-Koop Commits
  77. Reice Brown - Team Power 97 Commits
  78. Mac N Seitz-Megan Hansel
  79. KC Glory - Sydne Brashear Commits
  80. Alex Burris- KC Monarchs Commits
  81. Reagan "Prez" Osborn - Team Power 97 Commits
  82. Melissa Schlotzhauer- DeMarini Zephyrs Commit
  83. Kendyll Bailey- DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Commit
  84. Madison Heide- DeMarini Aces
  85. DeMarini Aces Commits
  86. Erin Griesbauer- Originals Koop Commits
  87. Sophie Taylor - Originals Koop Commits
  88. Madison Price - Commits
  89. Havyn Monteer-DeMarini Aces- Commit
  90. Brittany Kendall - Team Power 97 Commits
  91. Brittany Nimmo-Originals Bernholtz
  92. Kali Nelson Team Power 97 Commits
  93. Rampetsreiter commits to Mizzou
  94. Mandy Roberts KC Zephyrs-Wade commitment
  95. Abby Bouie- DeMarini Aces Commit
  96. Olivia Kinsey- DeMarini Aces Commit
  97. Alayna Gabbert Olathe Rockets-Myers Commits
  98. Sydney Garcia - Team Power 97 Commits
  99. Congrats to Hailey Reed for your committment to Pacific
  100. Erin Boyd KC Peppers-Wallace Commits
  101. Courtney Fountain - Team Power 97 Commits
  102. Carly Shniderson - KC Bombers Commits
  103. Lindey Kneib- DeMarini Aces Commit
  104. Alexis Crabtree - Team Power 97 Commits
  105. Kassadie Burton from Kansas Outlaws Commits
  106. 2015 Mac-n-Seitz softball college commits
  107. Elizabeth Windsor - Team Power Niemeyer Commit
  108. Alex Larson-KC Peppers-Wallace Commits
  109. Molly Chevalier of Originals-Shanks committs
  110. Sarah Lewis - Lee's Summit Force commits
  111. Congrats Mikayla Gustin and Cheynne Suits Team Worth
  112. Congrats to Riley Lane- Team Worth
  113. KC Peppers Gold Commitments
  114. Alexa Sidoti - KC Peppers-Wallace Commits
  115. Bailey Kleinschmit - KC Peppers-Wallace Commits
  116. Tess Gray Olathe Rockets-Myers Commits
  117. KC Metro Players - To which college are they headed? (2016 and younger)
  118. Callie Martin- DeMarini Aces Commit
  119. Alexis Reed - Team Power 97 Commits
  120. Paige James....Lee's Summit Force Commits
  121. Kamryn Shaffer....KC Crunch 99 Commits
  122. Allison Daggett - KC Peppers-Wallace Commits
  123. Bailey Rodgers Kansas Outlaws 18A Commits
  124. DeMarini Ace Commit- Madison Crosslin
  125. Reagan Dunn of Kansas Outlaws 18A Commits
  126. DeMarini Ace Commit- Toni Martin
  127. Blair Shanks of Originals-Shanks commits
  128. Faith Willis of Originals-Shanks commits
  129. KC Zephyrs-Wade Commitment- Aniya Holt
  130. Lou Menninger of Originals-Shanks
  131. KC Zephyrs -Wade Commit- Carolyn Stock
  132. DeMarini Aces Commit-Nicole Duncan
  133. Katherine Lane - KC Peppers-Wallace Commits
  134. Leah Thorne - Originals-Shanks Commits
  135. Kansas Classics Signing
  136. Tori Huslig - KC Peppers-Wallace Commits
  137. Ashlyn Anderson, Olathe Rockets - Moppin Commits
  138. Rayne Wright, Kansas Classics Commits
  139. KC Freedom Commits - Delaney Brewer
  140. KC Freedom Commits - Shannon Brown
  141. KC Freedom Commits - Sarah Hunter
  142. KC Freedom Commits - Emma Hughes
  143. KC Freedom Commits - Harley Woodcock
  144. Annie Grammer - KC Peppers-Wallace Commits
  145. Originals Commitments through 2.11.2016
  146. DeMarini Aces- Commit- Madison Preston
  147. Originals-Shanks Committ Alex Gilham
  148. KC Monarchs-Commit-Presley Miller
  149. Cassidy Beem - Originals -Earl Commits
  150. DC Premier's Eryn Livingston signs
  151. KC Freedom Commits - Alexis Giddens
  152. KC Freedom Commits - Ashaya Blevins
  153. Kansas City Jazz Gold Commits (6)
  154. Kansas City Jazz announce 3 more verbals
  155. Alexa Hiler - Team Power 97 Commits
  156. Alexa Bradley - KC Elite 98
  157. Katherine Kadlec Original's - KC Commit
  158. Micah Allen of KC JAZZ Gold to Evangel U
  159. Alexis Kump Originals - KC Commit
  160. Lenae Salinas KC Jazz Gold commits to Washburn U
  161. Sierra Meyer-KC Chaos Commits
  162. Celine Armstrong-KC Speed Commits
  163. Julia Allen-KC Premier Commits
  164. Congrats to a couple O's
  165. Katelin Schumacher Mac N Seitz Elite Commits
  166. Olivia Krehbiel Originals - KC Commit
  167. Kylie Hays KC Jazz Commits to Rollins College
  168. Erica Woolery Mac N Seitz Elite Commits
  169. Alana Vawter (KC Gold) 2019 to Texas
  170. Ashlyn Cook Originals - KC Commit
  171. Zephyrs-Wade commitments
  172. Kylee Bohle Originals - KC Commit
  173. Select Fastpitch Commits
  174. DeMarini Aces-Lindsay Gilbert Baylor commit
  175. KC Premier-Wade Commits-Josephina G
  176. Diamond Club Premiers Caroline Walker verbals
  177. Top Gun Academy-Sciara - Lauren Howell Commits
  178. DeMarini Aces Maren Judisch- Commit
  179. Diamond Club Premier Hannah Hoffman Commit
  180. DeMarini Aces Senior's Sign NLI 2017
  181. Diamond Club Premier Lexie Rowell Commit
  182. Kc Jazz Gold Grace Garcia commits to University of South Dakota
  183. Jordan Johnson of KC Jazz Gold commits to University of Central Arkansas
  184. Top Gun Academy-Sciara - Brooke Huitt Commits
  185. KC Jazz Gold Midge Wurts commits to Butler County CC
  186. Lauren Lauvetz- DeMarini Aces Commitment
  187. DeMarini Aces-Cally Kildow-Commit
  188. Maddie Barron Signs
  189. Sydney Righi Originals-Earl commit
  190. Kansas Outlaws Proud to Announce
  191. Kansas Outlaws Proud to Announce
  192. Originals-Earl commitment
  193. Mia Garton KC Stingrays commits to Evangel U
  194. Paige Rocha - Top Gun Academy Gold-Sciara
  195. Abby Sciara: Top Gun Academy Gold-Sciara
  196. Baylee Hoffman: Top Gun Academy Gold-Sciara
  197. Alex MIller-Blue Springs Lightning (Dickey)
  198. Diamond Club's Maeli Collins verbal
  199. DC Premier Autumn Bicknell Verbal Commitment
  200. DeMarini Aces-Makenna Kliethermes Commit
  201. DeMarini Aces Maci Cunconan- commit
  202. KC Premier Sam S to continue her career
  203. Team PSA 18's Kyleigh Lay commits
  204. Kinsey Fiedler - KC Elite (Gutierrez) Commit
  205. DeMarini Aces Aubree Beitzinger-Commit
  206. Makenzie McAtee Originals - KC Commit
  207. DeMarini Aces Riley McNemar- Commit
  208. Sydney Ross Originals - KC Commit
  209. DeMarini Aces 2018 NLI
  210. DC Premier Caroline Walker signs NLI
  211. Bailey Merritt: Top Gun Academy
  212. DeMarini Aces-Tatum Clopton Commit
  213. DeMarini Aces- Katie Reeg Commit
  214. DeMarini Aces- Maddie Harris Commit