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  1. Pitching and Catching Dual Clinic
  2. Fast Pitch Clinic At Sports Center of Oak Grove
  3. University of Missouri Summer Camps
  4. Spring Slapping Lessons
  5. Strictly Softball Summer Camp
  6. Stacey Nuveman Hitting and Catching Clinic
  7. University of Kansas Summer Softball Camps
  8. UPDATED Nuveman camp flyer and info
  9. William jewell college softball camp
  10. Butler College Hitting and Pitching Camps
  11. KCC Clinic's presents Cat Osterman, Caitlin Lowe, & Kelly Kretschman
  12. Individual Slapping Course
  13. Mid-MO College Exposure Camp at Univ of Central MO
  14. Individual Slapping Course
  15. Individual Slapping Course
  16. FPOS USSSA World Star Games
  17. FPOS USSSA Recruiting Camp
  18. Avila University Summer Skills Camp *Very Reasonable Price*
  19. Slapping Clinic
  20. Arizona's Larry Ray Slapping and Defensive Clinic July 28!!!
  21. College Exposure Camp July 16th-Register NOW!
  22. July-August Slapping Clinic
  23. William Chrisman Lil Bears Camp
  24. Larry Ray Slapping Clinic this Wednesday!!!
  25. Cat Osterman, Caitlin Lowe, & Kelly Kretschman Camp
  26. Central Missouri Pitching Workshops
  27. Butler Softball Hitting & Pitching Camps
  28. Slapping Lessons
  29. Megan Willis Catching Clinic
  30. Hitting Clinic Liberty MO
  31. Softball Hitting Clinic in November
  32. KU Softball PITCHING Clinics
  33. Hitting Leagues
  34. University of Missouri at Diamond Skilz in Kansas City for Clinic
  35. Hitting Leagues Forming: Liberty, MO
  36. MWSTC-Thanksgiving Pitching and Catching Camp
  37. MWSTC-Holiday Softball Hitting and Fielding Camp
  38. KU Softball Fall Clinic
  39. Fastpitch Hitting Camp at Between the Lines
  40. Between the Lines Elite Sports Academy Fastpitch Hitting Camp
  41. Between the Lines Softball Christmas Camp
  42. Umkc winter camps
  43. Hitting Cinic Liberty, MO
  44. MIZZOU in Kansas City for Winter Clinic
  45. January Slapping Clinic
  46. Iowa State Softball Winter Camp
  47. Charlotte Morgan Hitting Clinic Feb 18, 2011
  48. Caitlin Lowe Slapping Clinic
  49. Slapping Clinic in Liberty, MO
  50. Start the New Year With My January Slapping Clinic-Flyer Attached
  51. Professional Hitting Camp
  52. Softball Christmas Camp
  53. January Slapping Clinic
  54. T-Bones Throwing Clinic
  55. Jessica Brewer Slapping Clinic
  56. UpComing December and January Clinics
  57. Fastpitch Pitching Clinic
  58. January Hitting Leagues Forming Now
  59. Mizzou 10U/12U Show-me-showdown
  60. T-Bones Fielding Clinic
  61. January Slapping Clinic in Olathe
  62. Softball Christmas Camp (Only a few spots left)
  63. MIZZOU IN KC FOR CLINIC...added a SLAPPING session to clinic.
  64. Saturday Hitting Forum for Coaches and Parents
  65. Fastpitch Softball Pitching Clinic
  66. 10u 12u Tournament/Team Camp at MIZZOU
  67. Looking for one more 12u team to participate in the MIZZOU Team camp Jan16
  68. February-March Slapping Clinic
  69. Hitting Clinic in Independence
  70. Hitting Camps for 7-9yr old Girls and Boys
  71. Hitting Clinic for all Ages
  72. Spring Individual Slapping Lessons
  73. Individual Slapping Lessons
  74. Individual Slapping and Outfield Defensive Lessons
  75. Strictly Softball Summer Camp
  76. Strictly Softball/BV Pitching/Catching/Hitting Clinics
  77. Softball Camps for young girls
  78. KU Softball Summer Camps!
  79. Softball camp for 3-7th grade girls
  80. Cat Osterman/Megan Willis Pitching/Catching Clinic
  81. Caitlin Lowe Slapping Clinic
  82. Camp for High School Team
  83. Catching Clinics.... Every Other Wednesday North of the River
  84. Shawnee Mission East Youth Clinic
  85. Blue Valley North Softball Camp
  86. Individual Slapping Lessons
  87. William jewell college softball camp
  88. University of missouri summer camp - mizzou
  89. Slapping Lessons
  90. Slapping Lessons
  91. Annual Elite Skills Camp at Univ of Central Missouri
  92. Individual Catching, Fielding or Hitting Lessons
  93. Mid-Missouri (EXPOSURE) Elite Camp held at UCM
  94. West Platte Softball Camp
  95. Missouri Tigers Coaches Clinic
  96. Caitlin Lowe Slapping Clinic -- September
  97. Individual or Group Slapping Lessons
  98. Looking for Catching lessons on the KS side
  99. UCM Elite camp
  100. Group Slapping Clinic-Winter Season
  101. Summer-Fall Individual Slapping Lessons
  102. Cat Osterman/Megan Willis Clinic Details Finalized
  103. University of Missouri Winter Clinics
  104. Group Slapping Clinic-Winter Season (Flyer Attached)
  105. Softball Clinics - Eastern Jackson County
  106. Fastpitch Scouting Report conducts National Tryout camp
  107. Caitlin Lowe Slapping Clinic This Weekend Sept 10 Olathe
  108. Gina Schneider/ MU alumni/ hitting clinic
  109. November/December Clinic-Flyer Attached
  110. November/December Slapping Clinic-Flyer Attached
  111. Butler CC Hitting, Fielding, and Pitching Camps
  112. Kristi Bredbenner WSU Head Coach Hitting Clinic
  113. KU Softball Winter Clinic - December 11th!
  114. California State University San Bernardino 15th ranked D2 hosting Clinic Nov 19
  115. UMKC Winter Camps!!!
  116. UMKC Softball Camp
  117. Megan Willis/Cat Osterman Clinic Update
  118. Missouri Softball Winter Warm-Up December 3rd 2011
  119. 5th Annual Infielding Clinic! Featuring Frank White
  120. National Coaches Clinics in the Midwest
  121. Saturday Dec 3rd and Sunday, Dec 4th Skills Clinic
  122. Winter Break Softball Camp!!
  123. January Slapping Course
  124. NECC/ACC CAtching Clinic Update
  125. Missouri Softball Dec 10th Hitting and Pitching Clinic
  126. Sue Enquist, Jenny Finch & more join National Coaches Clinics
  127. Hitting Camp Sunday 12-18-2011 8AM-11PM
  128. January/February Slapping Course
  129. January/February Slapping Course-Registration Ends 12/31/2011!!
  130. Exposure Camps
  131. Francesca Enea/Jenn Salling Clinic in KC
  132. Northland 14U Team
  133. Missouri Softball Catching Clinic
  134. Hitting clinic for 10-14 year olds
  135. 8u and 10u pitching
  136. Individual Slapping Lessons
  137. UCM Mid-Missouri Elite Camp Friday July 20th
  138. Wellsville High School Softball Camp
  139. Slapping Lessons
  140. University of Missouri Summer Camp
  141. Olathe East "Lil Hawks Clinic"
  142. Strictly Softball Summer Camp
  143. Kansas Softball Summer Camps!
  144. Spring and Summer Slapping Lessons
  145. 3rd-8th Grade Softball Camp
  146. Lessons with Coach B coming to you this summer
  147. Slappingn Lessons
  149. 3rd-6th grade & 7th-9th grade camps
  150. Blue Springs Softball Camp
  151. William jewell softball camps
  152. Olathe East Summer Softball Clinic
  153. Jun 20th Clinic put on by Blue Spr. South
  154. Blue Valley North High School Camp
  155. West Platte Softball Camp
  157. California State University San Bernardino Softball Coaches Run Will Run Your Practic
  158. Former Mizzou Softball Player Ashley Fleming's Softball Camp
  159. Park University Softball Camp
  160. DeMarini Zephyrs Gold Camp
  161. Caitlin Lowe, Jenn Salling, Caitlin Lever Clinic Dec 1st and 2nd 2012
  162. Danielle Lawrie Dec 8th and 9th in KC
  163. Cat Osterman/Megan Willis Pitching/Catching Clinic
  164. Northland softball camp June 11-14
  165. University of Missouri Coaches Clinic
  166. UMKC Softball Camps Approaching
  167. Get ready for Tryouts/High School Ball
  168. NECC Summer Camp Week 2 Registration Still Open!
  169. Butler Softball Camps - wArkansas Head Coach & Former Mizzou Pitching Coach
  170. Emporia State Softball Camp
  171. Caitlin Lowe/Jenn Salling/Caitlin Lever Dec 1st and 2nd
  172. Danielle Lawrie Pitching Clinic Dec 8th & 9th
  173. University of Missouri Winter Hitting Clinic
  174. University of Missouri Pitching Series
  175. November/December Slapping Clinic
  176. Emporia State Winter Camps
  177. November/December Slapping Clinic
  178. Avila University Winter Camps
  179. Former Mizzou Softball's Ashley Fleming Winter Camp
  180. UMKC Winter Camps
  181. UMKC Softball Clinics
  182. Winter Hitting Academy at MidAmerica Nazarene University
  183. Winter Hitting Academy to start this week at MidAmerica Nazarene University
  184. KU Softball December Skills Clinic
  185. Pitching Clinic: Oregon & USA Coach Mike White
  186. January/February Slapping Clinic
  187. Olympic Coaches in St. Louis
  188. Arkansas State University Softball Recruiting Camp
  189. Catcher's Advanced Skills Clinic
  190. Russell Cooper Pitching Clinic-Worked with Mike White
  191. MNU To Hold A Second Winter Hitting Academy
  192. Clinic Canceled
  193. University of Missouri Team Camp
  194. Catcher's Skills Clinic- Room for 2!
  195. University of Missouri - CATCHING CLINIC
  196. ACC Basic Catcher's Clinic February 16th
  197. Missouri Softball February 10th Pitching Clinic
  198. Speed & Agility Clinic
  199. Clinic this Sat
  200. Basic Skills Clinic March 30th, Gold Medalist Christie Ambrosi to attend
  201. Strictly Softball Summer Camp
  202. Elite Showcases/FPOS Recruiting Camp
  203. Missouri Softball Summer Camp
  204. Park Hill HS Spring Camp For 3rd-8th Grade
  205. softball clinic on April 6th, 2013-players aged 8-12
  206. 3x Olympian Crystl Bustos Clinic at The Diamond
  207. University of Kansas Summer Camps
  208. College Recruiting Combine, Classes 2013-2019
  209. William jewell camp
  210. YES! Camp
  211. Softball Summer School at The Diamond
  212. Crystl Bustos Clinic
  213. Softball Camp- Georgia, Mississippi State, UNO
  214. Legit Softball Camp KCMO-June12, 2013
  215. Univ.Central Missouri - Elite (Recruiting) Camp July 19!!
  216. Softball Summer School at The Diamond
  217. Softball Summer School at The Diamond
  218. Park University Camps
  219. MNU Softball Camp, June 17th-21st
  220. 10u / 12u Queen of the Diamond 1st Annual Softball Camp
  221. Univ.Central MO - Elite (Recruiting) Camp
  222. Pitching Summer School at the diamond
  223. William Chrisman Softball Camp K-7 July 22nd -26th
  224. College Recruiting Combine for classes 2013-2019
  225. Park Universiy Hitting Clinic
  226. Jen Schroeder 2 Day Catching Camp
  227. 2 Day Catching Clinic Sept 21-22
  228. Strictly Softball South Hitting Clinics
  229. University of Kansas Fall Clinics
  230. November-December '13 Slapping Clinic
  231. Emporia State University Fall Camp
  232. Take the 2013 Team Challenge
  233. Strictly Softball Oct hitting/speed&agility
  234. New England Catching Camp Returns to KC for 2-day (6-hour) Camp, Jan 11-12, 2014!!!
  235. Update: Guest Coach/November-December Slapping Clinic 2013
  236. Team USA softball player camp
  237. Butler Softball Hitting Camp Nov 23
  238. KU Winter Clinic
  239. Avila Softball Winter Camps
  240. FREE mini clinics!
  241. *2014 Midwest Indoor Softball Showcase Combine*
  242. UCM Winter Hitting Camp
  243. Speed/Agility/Core Strictly Softball
  244. FREE mini clinics tomorrow!
  245. Missouri Softball Winter Hitting & Pitching Clinic
  246. Avila University Advanced Pitchers and catchers camp
  247. Avila University Hitting camp
  248. Butler Grizzlies Pre-Season Camp - Feb 15th
  249. Hitting Clinic with Former Professional and Big XII First Team Member Jessica Moppin
  250. KU all time batting leader and current NPF player Maggie Hull Clinic