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  1. Softball Fundraiser: 1st Time I Heard of this One
  2. Follow College Softball Free Online
  3. If You Like Golf AND Softball?
  4. 5 Minutes to Confidence
  5. Coaching Softball: Pre-Season Must
  6. Coach, Pick Me!
  7. Fastpitch Softball: How Do You Compare
  8. Can You Throw Like a Girl?
  9. Coaching Softball Poll: How Often Do You Hit?
  10. What Do Fries Have to do with Softball?
  11. Exciting Hawaii Softball Action Starts Today!
  12. WAC Softball Championships ? Watch Online
  13. Surefire Way To Set Yourself Up for Failure
  14. University of Hawaii Softball Going to 1st WCWS at OKC
  15. Hawaii ASA 10U State Champions 2010 ? Ho?onou!
  16. 2010 WCWS ? Who?s Your Pick?
  17. 5 Softball Coaching Tips for You (#6-10)
  18. 5 Softball Coaching Tips for You (#11-15)
  19. Student-Athletes Need This
  20. Softball Parents Poll: Skills or Wins?
  21. 5 Softball Coaching Tips for You (#16-20)
  22. When to Give a 4-yr-old a Bat
  23. Are You Forgetting to Practice This?
  24. Softball Coaching ? 7 Random Thoughts of the Week
  25. Softball Pitching Tip for Rainy Days
  26. Fly Ball Priorities Are a Must
  27. Are You Making These Softball Coaching Mistakes?
  28. How to Follow College Softball on Twitter
  29. SP Tour ? 3 Tips for Reducing Parent Conflict
  30. Softball Coaching Tips: DP/Flex Strategies Explained
  31. College Softball ? Are You Willing to Do What It Takes?
  32. Who Will Be the Next Softball Icon?
  33. Do You Forget to Take Your Own Advice?
  34. How Softball Bats Are Like Shoes
  35. The Challenge is Not to Become?
  36. Upcoming Hawaii Softball Clinics
  37. Softball Injuries: 17 Tips for Using Ice and Heat
  38. The Cost of Coaching Girls Softball
  39. How to Get on Base More Often
  40. Finish It!
  41. How to Get the Appreciation Back
  42. Popular Softball Thoughts of the Week
  43. A True Champion in Every Sense of the Word
  44. Softball Coaching Tips: Is Your Practice Too EASY?
  45. Adjustments Win Games
  46. Get Out of Jail Free for Softball?
  47. Where Are You Using Your Chances?
  48. How to Hit the Outside Pitch
  49. The BEST way to Give Thanks
  50. Softball Hitting Tips - Helping Players Adjust in the Box
  51. No BS Softball Pitching Tips
  52. Softball Hitting Tips - Learning to Start with the Hips
  53. Coaching Softball - Hurt vs Injured
  54. Softball Coaching Tips: Process Not Outcome
  55. Never Be Afraid to Ask WHY
  56. Truth About Pre-Game Meals
  57. Don't Leave Your Young Softball Coaches Hanging
  58. Softball Tips: Keep Your Mind Open
  59. Softball Tips: Enjoy It While You Can
  60. Great Lessons from Top College Coaches
  61. The Perfect Pre-Game Warm Up
  62. Tips from a Caveman to Help Overcome Fear
  63. Goal Setting for Softball - What Do You Want?
  64. Bunting: Proper Position in the Box
  65. Obligatory Softball Predictions for the New Year
  66. Softball Tips - Factors that Affect Your Performance
  67. 4 Tips to Turn Indoor Hitting into Outdoor Success
  68. Coaching Softball Tips - Learn, Practice, Master
  69. Softball News: USA Softball's Loss is NPF's Gain
  70. Softball Instructors and Unwanted Interference
  71. What Should Go On in Dugouts During Games
  72. Free Softball Training Video - Warmup Mistake
  73. Are You a Diamond?
  74. The Journey from JuCo Walk-On to Pro MVP
  75. Bristow Accepts Position on NPF Board
  76. Softball Training Tips - Fancy Stuff Only Works When You Use It
  77. Softball Training Tips - This is What Really Counts
  78. If You Know it then Why Aren’t You Doing it?!
  79. 5 Tips for More Success at the Plate
  80. Softball Tips - A Level for Everyone
  81. Adjustment Buddies
  82. Throwing: How to Get More Speed on Your Throws
  83. Softball Tips: Are You Enough?
  84. Softball Pitching Practice Tips
  85. Use Red & Green Runners for Better Defensive Decisions
  86. Pitching - How to Get More Strikeouts
  87. Softball Coaching Tips - When to Move On
  88. Fastpitch TV 152 - Alissa Haber
  89. Softball Pitching Tips - How to Break Through Your Speed Plateau
  90. Softball Tips - How to Avoid Injuries and Poor Performance
  91. Develop Young Players by Using Young Rules
  92. Fastpitch TV 153 - Alissa Haber Explains "The Stance"
  93. Softball Coaching: Your Number One Job Is…
  94. Fastpitch TV 154 - Alissa Haber Explains "The Stride"
  95. Softball Tips - Give 'Em a Rest
  96. Team chemistry: Nervousness
  97. Finishing Strong After a Rough Start
  98. The Art of “Recruiting” the Right Players
  99. Fastpitch TV 155 - Alissa Haber Explains Softball Hitting Swing
  100. Makings of a Great Softball Team
  101. Fastpitch TV 156 - Softball Batting Tee
  102. Softball Tips: Control Your Attitude
  103. Great Softball Pitching Tool for Young Pitchers
  104. Softball Hitting Mechanics Aren't Enough
  105. Hitting Drill to help Prepare for Varied Pitching Speeds
  106. Softball Hitting Tips: Mental Game Factors
  107. Club 10 of Softball and How You Can Get In
  108. Fastpitch TV 158 - Basics of Softball Slapping
  109. Weakness Wednesdays: Fostering an Opportunity for Self-Reflection, Growth
  110. New Research on How Coaches Provide Moral Guidance to Athletes
  111. Over Twenty-Five Olympians and Coaches Unite to Teach Young Athletes
  112. Fielding: Count the Bounces
  113. 3 Keys to Winning in Championship Play
  114. Fastpitch TV 159 - Softball Slapping Footwork and Contact Tips
  115. Fastpitch TV 160 - Types of Slapping Explained
  116. Tips for Choosing the Right Softball Equipment
  117. Change Up - The Forgotten Softball Pitch
  118. Stupid Coach! Why Did He Do That?
  119. Softball Coaching Tips - Communication Failure
  120. Softball Tips: Surviving Hot Summer Days on the Field
  121. Fastpitch TV 161 - Slapping Q&A
  122. Despite the Dingers, You Still Need to Bunt
  123. Free DVD Giveaway - Making Things Happen
  124. 10 Things I Noticed from the WCWS
  125. Fastpitch TV 162 - The King and His Court
  126. Free Making Things Happen DVD Winner
  127. 10% Off at Plus Win a Free Insider Bat
  128. Softball Coaching Tips - How to Reduce Missed Signals
  129. Softball Coaching - The Game Has a Way of Humbling Us
  130. GotBustos Prize Pack Giveaway
  131. TEAM CHEMISTRY: The Positive Promise
  132. Quick Tip for Softball Coaches - It's Okay to be Tough!
  133. Crime and Punishment in Softball
  134. Who Owns Your Confidence?
  135. Would Your Pep Talks Be Recordable?
  136. Softball Tips - 3 Little Pigs
  137. Softball Coaching - The View From the Dugout is Just Fine
  138. 5 Mental Mistakes Coaches Make Prior to Game Time
  139. How to Keep From Striking Out as a Softball Parent
  140. Win a Free Pair of Ringor Cleats - Ends 7/17/11
  141. How to Sprint Your Way to More Pitching Speed
  142. Are You Positioned for College Ball?
  143. How to Follow Cool Softball People on Twitter
  144. Softball Tips - Take a Little Time to Retool
  145. Coach Marc's $100 Softball Performance Giveaway
  146. Softball Tips - Thoughts You Need to Replace to Improve Your Performance
  147. Softball Tips - The Microburst Inning
  148. Mayo Clinic: Curb the risk of dehydration
  149. Steve Young: Don't hesitate to pull your child if concussion is suspected
  150. Frenzy Designs Giveaway - $50 Gift Certificate
  151. The running slap – trouble making contact?
  152. 7 Reasons Not to Post Your Team Stats
  153. 9 Things to Look for in an Assistant Coach
  154. Softball Tips - Finding the Right Team
  155. Jeff Janssen on the Biggest Reason Team Captains Struggle
  156. Coaching Tips from MSU: Be Intentional about Leadership Development
  157. Two Words That Will Make You Better
  158. Softball Tips - Surviving the Tryout Season
  159. Softball Tips - You Gotta Have Heart
  160. Softball Tips - The Pre-Game Pep Talk
  161. New Softball Hitting Aid - Hitting Advanced Pro
  162. Sports dental injuries are no laughing matter.
  163. Hitting & Pitching Posture
  164. How to Make This Season Better Than Last
  165. Softball Tips - Is the Long Term Commitment Dead?
  166. Softball Tips - It Still Comes Down to Pitching
  167. Softball Tips - How Important is Fun?
  168. 7 Ways to Improve Your Pitchers During the Off-Season
  169. Softball Performance Tips - Making Time for Practice
  170. It’s Hard to be Horrible!
  171. Softball Tips - Recovery and Regeneration
  172. Softball Baserunning - How Aggressive Do You Go?
  173. Softball Tips - Who Says a Team is Elite?
  174. Study: The Price of Poverty in Big-Time College Sport
  175. New York to Require Benching Students with Concussions
  176. Hitting with Runners in Scoring Position
  177. Win the Short Game Sale - 5 DVD Set for $37
  178. 2 Strategy Quizzes You Should Try
  179. Reviewing Moneyball the Movie
  180. Softball Coaching Tips - Teaching Game Sense
  181. Do leadership and teamwork really matter? Ask the Boston Red Sox
  182. Addressing the Issue of Verbal, Physical, and Psychological Abuse of Athletes
  183. Don’t Make the 5 Biggest Pitch Calling Mistakes
  184. Softball Coaching Tips - Cold Winter Nights and Softball Rules
  185. Using a Report Card to Keep Your Softball Players on Track
  186. Softball Tips - Watch and Learn
  187. Softball Sliding Tips
  188. Smart Softball Players Take Control
  189. Deal of the Week - Breakthrough Speed DVD
  190. 10 Keys to Championship Success
  191. 8 Steps to Improved Communication
  192. Fastpitch TV - Hitting Clinic Part I from SoftballCon
  193. Softball Tips - How to Practice When There's Nowhere to Practice
  194. Softball Hitting Q&A with Crystl Bustos
  195. Fastpitch TV Episode 182 - Part II Jenny Dalton Hitting Clinic
  196. Free Softball Gift Guide 2011
  197. Baserunning – Heads-Up
  198. Fastpitch TV Episode 183 - Jennie Ritter
  199. Mental Game Tips Video: Two Most Important Mental Skills for Softball Success
  200. 6 Things I Learned at the NFCA Convention
  201. Fastpitch TV 185 - NFCA Convention 2012
  202. Lucky You Don't Have to Give Softball Success Back!
  203. Softball Coaching Tips - The Funnel Approach
  204. Softball Tips - Practice Makes Permanent
  205. Where to Go to Discuss Fastpitch Softball
  206. Be a Parent First, Coach Second
  207. The Price Our Players Pay for Learning
  208. Softball Coaching Fears - You Are Not Alone
  209. Fastpitch TV 187 - Breakfast with Leah O'Brien Amico
  210. Fastpitch TV 186 - Interview with Coach Patty Gasso
  211. Taking a Boxing Day Approach to Fastpitch Softball Practice
  212. Softball Tips - Take a Little Time to Look Back
  213. The Best of the Best
  214. Chipping Away at the Marble – 8 Strategies for a Successful New Year
  215. 7 Things You Need to Know About College Recruiting
  216. Fastpitch TV 188 - Interview with Tairia Flowers
  217. Softball Tips - Upping Your Focus Level Pays Off
  218. Fastpitch TV 189 - Interview with Jennie Finch
  219. Fastpitch Softball Drills Work Better When…
  220. Want aggressive baserunning…then practice sliding
  221. Fantastic Hitting Drill to Increase Fair Balls
  222. A Great Strategy Practice for Your Pitchers
  223. Softball Pitching Tips: How to Destroy a Hitter's Timing
  224. Dealing with Softball Parents: Impose Your Own 24-Hour Rule
  225. Softball Coaching: Avoid Becoming A Nattering Nabob of Negativity
  226. Catching – Handling High Pop-Ups
  227. 7 Ways to Grow from Early Season Struggles
  228. Softball Coaching Tips - How Willing Are You to Change?
  229. What Coaching Softball and Pictionary Have in Common
  230. Softball Tips - Beware of Confirmation Bias
  231. Quick Softball Tip: Do You Know Where You're Headed?
  232. Sports Parenting Tips: The Days Are Long But…
  233. Young Athletes' Growth Plates Require More Attention
  234. New football study to measure impact of hits with helmet sensors
  235. Study: Emphasis on self-improvement accomplishes more than focusing on winning
  236. How to Handle Playing Time Problems using the WWLS Method – Part 1
  237. Support stirring to pass state bill to crack down on youth concussions
  238. Study: Vitamin D can reduce girls' risk of stress fractures in high-impact sports
  239. A true fighter makes it to the top of Kilimanjaro
  240. UConn women's basketball player shows self-direction in transfer to Delaware
  241. How to Handle Playing Time Problems using the WWLS Method – Part 2
  242. Softball Tips: Simple Trick to Help You Perform Like a Champion
  243. Louisville Cardinals basketball team uses helmets for player protection
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  245. Don’t be a Hippie Hitter
  246. Softball Tips: 3 Ways to Bounce Back From Mistakes
  247. Georgia sets new heat-acclimatization guidelines for young athletes
  248. A Successful Pitching Philosophy
  249. Determination helps college basketball player overcome odds
  250. "Sports Nutrition Essentials for the Female Athlete" Tip Sheet