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Old 06-30-2016   #31
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Originally Posted by infieldmom View Post
OK! Just want to get peoples opinion on teams that MAKE each and everyone of their players tryout every year. I personally don't like it and think it is wrong...that goes to show you that those coaches are only in it to win and don't really care about their returning players and only picked them up because they where either desperate or just wanted to see what kind of talent they had. If I was trying my daughter out for a team I would confront the coach right of the bat and ask him/her if my dd would have to tryout for the team AGAIN when the season ended. IMHO if they said yes I would stay clear of that team. They need to put themselves in that girls shoes and see how it would make them feel.

Tryouts can be very stressfull especially for the younger girls like 8's 10's and even 12's not saying it is not for the older girls but probably not as much. They need to consider this or just don't pick that girl up if they are not intending on keeping her for the next season to come.
That may work in California, Texas or Oklahoma but does not work to well in KC.
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Old 07-14-2016   #32
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Originally Posted by Hechtiuhf"in2win;77094"
That may work in California, Texas or Oklahoma but doest not work to well in KC.
in ughiovyfghuhdilb
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Old 07-28-2016   #33
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This is only in my opinion on this subject. As a former player from the East coast I started at 6 until playing pro at 21. Mind you, back in the early 90's we did not have the social media and composite bats ( I wish we did!)... And we did not get paid but people paid to watch us. Getting to the level of play as I did I had 2 coaches.. Not including Allstars in which we all had to try out but the team changed every year. I considered myself very lucky with no 'team jumping'. It made me the confident woman I am today. Commitment is key here. I had those coaches I was committed to and they were to me. Out of 13 of us (at the end of HS) I believe 10 of us went on to full ride scholarships all up and down the coast. And yes, my childhood coaches came to watch me play. Winning is not everything. We thought the one coach was NUTS talking our parents into signing up for 18 AAA at the ages of 13 and 14. But the feeling left after 2 years playing at that level and beating those 18s when I was 16. By then we had girls begging to be on our team. Thing is... No opened spots bc we committed to our positions and working hard and we were blessed to play so long together. I did have the chance to leave that seemed to be 'greener' on the other side with being asked to play on the Junior Olympic team. I cried because I wanted to do it yet I would be letting 11 other girls, my sisters, down. My parent allowed me to make the decision. I turned it down. I was COMMITTED. It's quite different here out in KS I tell ya. My kid is on a different team every year it seems. I've seen kids not show up to practice and get to play an entire tournament while another girl with the passion in her heart for this game is sitting the bench at least 2 -3 innings a game. I wish I could give my kid what I had.
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Pop Rocks
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I never want my dd to feel like she will always have a spot just for paying and showing up. If someone better shows up to tryouts she needs to understand she can be cut. Life is hard, this is not rec ball. Fight for your spot or stay home & play Pokémon go.
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Kclarry (08-10-2016)
Old 02-15-2017   #35
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We always have our players come to tryouts each year. Unless there is a problem with Player attitude, Parent or a real lack of skill we have our returning players come to tryouts. What this does it gives us a benchmark of the players trying out for the team we are not familiar with. We do this for two reasons 1) I helps give us numbers to run all of the drills we need to run and have players that are familiar with those drills, and 2) probably the most important we know the level of skill our returning players will play at and it gives us a gauge of how the player compares to our players current skill set.

If you do not include your current players you may have players that appear to really standout but when you put them next to you returning players they may look pretty average. We believe it helps in the evaluation process.

All players receive numbers and are referred to by number. Also, our players are not allowed to wear any club t-shirts or uniforms.
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Old 05-01-2017   #36
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I know it is very difficult. Most coaches are NOT looking to replace a team when doing open tryouts. First, we have invested time into those players and they in us if we have chosen correctly. I personally have a great group of young ladies and parents on my team. I wouldn't want to change that chemistry if possible.

Our organization is based on a mission statement of teaching valuable life lessons through the great medium of fastpitch softball. We promote and try to teach work ethic, commitment and dedication, setting, planning, measuring and achieving individual goals, the ability to accomplish a common goal in a group environment and communication,

That being said, it states in our organizational by-laws that playing time and positions are earned and can be challenged for at any time. Why? In life you are always challenged. Nothing is safe. There are no participation awards. You have to put forth your best effort at all times. Shouldn't we do the same as we are trying to teach them life lessons?

Just my opinion and food for thought. Again, I NEVER want to replace a team or even players that are fully invested into the team and what we as coaches are trying to teach. If players fall outside the scope, sometimes it is good to send a message to the entire team that nothing is GUARANTEED (as a life lesson).
Bryan Schiefen
KS Patriots
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Old 05-02-2017   #37
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I believe everyone should be happy and go where it makes them happy. Its about the journey not the destination for me.

Lets try A different opinion: rather than upgrading talent I prefer to develop talent. I am confident that a player that is the right fit for my teams (effort, attitude, family, goals etc etc) will succeed in my system so much so that I make a long term commitment to them. I coach A and Gold and MANY times have picked up players who were discarded by there previous team for an upgraded player(even B and C players).

Ive had 2 players told they were too small or not talented enough to play college ball only to be given full scholarships to play college ball.

If someone isn't the right fit then I don't pick them up regardless of need or talent. Many times a player may fit but parents attitude/beliefs do not. If someones priorities change then we discuss and part ways but oddly enough that's never happened.

My advice is to look at this as building a family and developing them rather than picking or upgrading a team.

Just my humble opinion. Might not work for everyone but oddly enough my 16/18s haven't had any turnover in years. Works for me. Good luck coaches!
Coach Wade
KC Premier Fastpitch
"Effort & Attitude" -

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Default The reason coaches have their own team tryout

Here is my take on this situation so take it or leave it. The reason I feel coaches make their own players tryout each year is that at the current state of this game very few coaches really coach and its easier to add better talent then coach them up. Honestly there are more game managers then coaches in the sport. Due to the high level of success of the sport we have pushed this game into a satisfaction based business where if the desired goals are not met then we look for the next best thing which results in hard feelings and bad relationships. I personally don't believe in making my players "Tryout" each year to secure a spot on the team. The reason why I don't is I let the parents know from the beginning what the team is about and have actually turned kids and parents away that try out if I feel they are far and above better then my current crop of talent. The other thing is that I am willing to watch a girl leave our team to join a team that her progress fits better than ours if she progresses faster then the rest of the team. With that being said my goal is developing talent when other teams pass on girls because they aren't Jenny Finch. I still follow several of my former players watching them win several tournaments with teams they fit in better with currently. Competitive softball unfortunately for most parents and coaches means winning at all costs. In Gold/A level play I totally get that but in B/C ball it should be about the development of the players. I am sorry you have to go through that and I hope you find a better team that won't put that type of strain on your daughter or you. I also know that with the costs of the season that some folks budget to meet that goal and if cut they may be left with more expensive options. I started coaching because I got tired of that type of environment for my daughters. Again Good Luck!
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